Concierge Counseling

This level of access is only appropriate for established clients of 1 month or more.

I’m offering this service to a limited number of clients whose issues are considerable and necessitate more than a weekly session based on my evaluation. Often times these clients will inform me of a pressing issue or critical circumstance that occurred between appointments and that they wished they were able to book a session the same day. This is disadvantageous for a number of reasons but more importantly, it’s now preventable. Concierge counseling accomodates clients and their family members whom require a higher level of care.

This unique service will give clients the following advantages:


  • Customized Concierge Counseling packages 
  • Individual client portal
  • Extended hours to accommodate your schedule
  • Dedicated phone line for exclusive access 
  • Extended session time

For more information on the benefits of Concierge Counseling and each unique package, please talk to Dr. K in session.