I understand and sympathize with the demands of New York living. With our busy schedules, work, kids and the plethora of other daily obligations we have, it’s not always possible to meet face to face. Traveling can be time and energy consuming and unfortunately, not always possible for those of us with a disability.  As such, I’ve made HIPAA compliant confidential online video therapy an option for current clients or clients that may reside outside of the Westchester area in order to be of service.

Below are several benefits of Telehealth:

Convenient & Time-Saving

Video counseling has revolutionized the way therapy is accomplished. Clients no longer have to worry about not being able to make appointments because they’re at work, ill, too far away, can’t find a babysitter, or simply don’t have the energy to leave the house after a long day. Remove the worry of being charged for missing an appointment because of time-constraints or other commitments with E-therapy.

Comfortable for young adults

I’ve found that many adolescents and young adults prefer online counseling. Many are more comfortable and relaxed disclosing personal and private information via E-therapy than traditional face-to-face therapy.

Scheduling Flexibility

Unfortunately, many of us work way past the regular 9-5 which prohibits us from making mental health a priority. Now, with E-therapy, that burden is eliminated.

Family Counseling Sessions and distance

Attempting to schedule a family appointment in today’s world is quite the feat to say the very least! We no longer have to juggle everyone’s schedules with E-therapy. The whole family can join in at any time and are able to maintain weekly or bi-weekly sessions no matter where they may be in the world.

Here is a list of some things you’ll need in order for our video session to run smoothly.

A quiet place to talk, free from distractions. ​

Confidentiality is my first priority. Please be sure to find a quiet and secure place to openly discuss your feelings, opinions and other potential identifying information. I often recommend that clients utilize their headphones or ear buds to ensure confidential and private communications. Please refrain from engaging in a session while at a café or other public spaces. You never know who’s listening!

Hi Speed Internet connection on a computer.

Unlike using Skype or Facetime, we’ll need a secure platform to conduct therapy over the internet. I will provide a HIPAA compliant platform that you can access from your phone or computer. Please see our client contract for instructions.

If technical difficulties arise, we’ll already have a Plan B, not to worry!

Unfortunately, the internet is not 100% reliable. Consequently, we’ll have to make an alternative plan ahead of time if the internet does not cooperate. I will most likely contact you by phone to continue the session.

Common Questions about E-Therapy

Is online therapy right for me?

Online or E-therapy is appropriate in almost all cases except crises which include but are not limited to suicidal ideations or thoughts about suicide and self-harm.

What if I try and dislike like E-therapy?

I am a firm believer in trusting your gut. If you feel that you’ve tried E-therapy and you continue to miss that “face-to-face” connection or you feel like “something is missing,” please do not hesitate to inform me, no offense taken! We can make other plans to accommodate your schedule and book a face-to-face session that works for you.


Do I need to purchase anything for online therapy?

You will need a built-in camera and microphone on your smartphone, computer or tablet to carry out E-therapy. Luckily, most technology today already comes equip with both. Again, earphones or ear buds are a plus to help keep doctor-client communication confidential.

Is online therapy confidential?

Only if your therapist provides you with a HIPAA compliant platform. Skype and Facetime are NOT HIPAA compliant. Meaning, if you engage in therapy via these mediums, your privacy is being compromised. True North takes every measure to protect your information and uses a HIPAA/HITECH compliant video-based platform to ensure that your information is always protected.